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A Sacramento College with Programs in Psychology

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正Alliant’s Sacramento campus is located in the city serving as California’s capital. For many students, there is nothing like being in the hub of public policy debate and decision making. As the seat of California’s government, Sacramento is also home to many state-wide organizations, non-profits, and advocacy groups – offering students unparalleled networking and volunteer opportunities.

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正The campus is easily accessible from all major thoroughfares in the metropolitan Sacramento area and is home to multiple classrooms, a research facility, and an extensive library. Approximately 200 students are enrolled annually in a number of schools and programs.


Our Sacramento Campus Address:

Alliant International University
2030 W El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95833


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