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A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Alliant International University is committed to excellence in education and training for successful professionals in the fields of psychology, law, business and management, education and forensic studies.  Preparing students to be practicing professionals requires staying attuned to real-world, current developments in the professions for which the University trains and constantly looking for innovative ways to prepare our students to meet those challenges.

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正Alliant International University is proud to have attracted a diverse and accomplished faculty who are recognized experts in their professional fields, conducting ground-breaking applied research, often in collaboration with Alliant students. Our 225 core faculty members, and additional adjunct instructors, represent an extraordinary resource for students.  Many of our faculty have received awards and honors from their professional societies such as the American Psychological Association, the American Marriage and Family Therapy Association and the Academy of Management.

Innovation: Leading the Way

Alliant Intl. University takes pride in a history of innovative educational practices:

  • The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) was among the first school of its kind to offer doctoral training in the practice of psychology. It was the first school to offer a doctorate in consulting psychology, the first PsyD degree in couples and family therapy and is among a very few institutions in the country to offer a postdoctoral masters of science in clinical psychopharmacology.  CSPP was the first US school to offer a PsyD degree in Hong Kong, as well as a masters in clinical psychology in Tokyo, integrating a Western model of psychology with Asian culture and values.
  • The California School of Education (CSOE) was the first school in California to offer the accelerated early completion option (ECO) for teacher preparation.
  • The California School of Management & Leadership (CSML) launched the  NAFTA MBA (an MBA program focused specifically on the interaction of NAFTA countries—USA, Mexico, and Canada), and offers unique joint degree programs combining management with organizational psychology.
  • The California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS) is among a small number of schools in the country that is training professionals for a variety of careers at the intersection of law, psychology and corrections.
  • The San Francisco Law School (SFLS) was the first evening law program in the Western United States and was among the first law schools to actively recruit women.

Five Schools – Four Pillars – One Mission

While each Alliant school takes pride in its own history of innovation, all of Alliant’s schools share four core commitments which we refer to as the “Four Pillars” of our mission.


Education for Professional Practice

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正Any profession has certain core skills or competencies that a practitioner must master to be able to practice successfully.  Alliant’s “competency-based” educational model is designed to assure that students graduate fully equipped to make immediate, positive contributions to their communities and to their profession.


Applied Research and Scholarship

Conducting research and producing scholarly presentations and publications serve to assure that practicing professional stay current with advancements in their fields. Alliant’s approach to research is applied (as compared to theoretical) so that the scholarly activities which our students and faculty engage in have real-world utility and application.


Multicultural and International Competence

Alliant is an inclusive institution committed to serving diverse populations around the world by preparing professionals to work effectively across cultural and national boundaries. The University strives to accomplish this by increasing the number of professionals working in underserved areas, and by understanding and responding to the needs of diverse communities. Among the important values of Alliant is a belief that all students should have an awareness of, respect for and curiosity about multicultural and international similarities and differences.


Community Engagement

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正Alliant’s mission includes a fundamental commitment to community engagement—the belief that practicing professionals must be able to contribute to the needs and interests of the communities in which they work.   As a result, students are encouraged, and in many programs required, to engage in community-based projects and services during their training while at Alliant.   One of the important ways success is measured is by the impact our graduates have, both directly and indirectly, on the welfare of individuals, families, organizations and communities.


Student Dissertations

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正Learn more about the ways Alliant’s faculty, students, and alumni are contributing to communities around the globe


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Learn more about the ways Alliant’s faculty, students, and alumni are contributing to communities around the globe


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