SFLS Alumni


Meet our Alumni

Over the years, our alumni have repeatedly achieved impressive professional success. Outstanding alumni of San Francisco Law School include:

  • Former California State Governor (the late) Edmund (Pat) Brown
  • Former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy
  • Former Undersecretary of the United States Department of Energy, Joseph Salgado
  • Director, Alliant International University Board of Directors, Past President of the California State Bar and President of the San Francisco Law School Board of Directors, P. Terry Anderlini
  • Past President of the National Bar Association, Thomas Broome
  • Former State Senator Milton Marks
  • Co-Founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Northern California Chapter, Wayne M. Collins

San Francisco Law School is also proud of its graduates in the judiciary including:

  • The Hon. Victor Campilango
  • Merle Eaton
  • Eugene Krum
  • Betty Lamoreaux
  • Philip Moscone
  • Lynn O’Malley Taylor
  • Marilyn Pestarino Zecher

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正In addition, San Francisco Law School’s graduates have distinguished themselves in public service as district attorneys, public defenders, and high profile California attorneys.


Alumni Association

特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正San Francisco Law School Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering San Francisco Law School tradition of educational excellence, strengthening the relationships among alumni, faculty, and students, and to promoting the development of law school resources. The Association provides a direct channel of communication between approximately 1,200 alumni and their alma mater and provides social, educational, and professional programs for alumni and students.

Annual dues for active members is $35.00 per year. Lifetime membership dues is $400.00.

Please keep us informed of your accomplishments and current contact information!
Send us your address changes and class updates.

Our Alumni Association is governed by a 12 member volunteer board. Current Alumni Association directors are:

President : John Bargero (2004)
Vice President: Ken Sullivan (2008)
Treasurer: Tom Chaput (2004)
Secretary: Susan Santerelli (1998)
President Emeritus: Faye Lee Bresler (1991)

Directors at Large:
Dorothy Jones (1974);
Manuel A. Juarez (1994);
Ellen Mendelson (1988);
Richard Curry (1998);
Susan Santerelli (1998);
Wade Church (2004);
Carolyn Tamony (1996)

San Francisco Law School Alumni Awards & Recipients Hall of Fame Inductees:

1998 Arthur T. Bridgett (’36)
1998 Senator Milton Marks (’49)
1998 Robert Crown (’51)
1998 Marvin E. Lewis (’29)
1999 Leo T. McCarthy (’61)
1999 Felix Stuckey (’72)
2000 Nathan Cohn (’47)
2000 The Honorable Lynn O’Malley Taylor (’72)
2001 LeRoy Hersh (’55)
2002 Geoffrey Brown (’70)
2003 Faye Lee (’91)
2004 Everett Shapiro (’66)
2005 Terry Anderlini (’69)
2007 Daniel Lanahan (’69)
2008 Terry Anderlini (’69)
2010 Paula Kamena (’82)
特级做人爱c级,一日本一级做人爱c视频正 2011 The Honorable Marilyn Pestarino Zecher (’57)


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